6 Reasons You Might Not Be Getting Maximum Results From Your PR Efforts

So you’ve finally realized the importance of incorporating PR initiatives into your marketing and advertising strategies. You wrote some news releases, created Facebook and Twitter accounts for your business, did some blogging, and now you’re wondering what it all means and when you’ll see results.

To get maximum results from your PR activities you need to be strategic about what you’re doing otherwise you’ll be waiting on those results for a very long time!

Here are some things you might be doing that are hindering rather than helping your PR efforts:

You don’t have a clear plan: you need to have a clear road map that defines your business goals and aligns them with the best PR strategies and tactics to deliver your company’s message and achieve your goals, on time and on budget!

Your message isn’t clearly defined: developing your key messages is one of the cornerstones of PR and branding, if your message isn’t clearly defined then how are customers/clients and the media supposed to distinguish you from your competition?

Your message isn’t memorable: not every company, product, or service is original, but you can craft a distinctive, relevant story to set you apart from the crowd.

You rely on distributing news releases vs. storytelling: news releases are a great way to get exposure and help your SEO efforts, but it won’t build relationships or encourage loyalty and referrals, developing and communicating your story will have a much better ROI for your business in the long run, PR isn’t about a quick fix.

Your approach isn’t personal: as email and marketing automation gets more popular, the personal approach, whether to customers or media, becomes more important. One thoughtful and personal email is worth 100 spam emails.

Your timing is off: Pay attention to what is going on around you, look for news and events that might relate to your brand or story then sit down and plan when and how you are going to communicate your story. Timing is everything, especially when it comes to PR!

If you pay close attention to these 6 areas then you are sure to start seeing results from your PR efforts sooner rather than later, but remember, PR can best be thought of as a marathon, not a sprint!

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