Blogging as a PR Tool

As a startup or small business, you’ve probably wondered at some point if adding a blog to your website was absolutely necessary. The simple answer to this question is YES!

Not only do websites with blogs get more traffic than those without, blogging is also a great PR tool to help you to raise awareness of your brand, and it allows you to show off your expertise and build your credibility positioning you as an expert in your market.

So how can you use blogging as an effective PR tool? Here are some tips to help you blog for PR:

  • Set your goals: Before you start to blog, start with a clear set of goals of what you are trying to achieve with your blog. Are you trying to promote your business? Are you trying to demonstrate your expertise in your field? Are you trying to showcase your brand’s personality? Setting goals for your blog will help to guide the overall direction and tone of your…

Mobile Social Media Marketing Ideas For Your Small Business

What’s the one device you couldn’t live without for one day?

It’s a safe bet 95% of you said your smartphones, and you aren’t alone! No wonder the importance of mobile marketing continues to grow for small businesses.

So what exactly is mobile marketing? This term refers to many tactics including:

  • Text message marketing
  • Having a mobile-friendly website that displays your content properly on smartphones and other mobile devices
  • Creating special mobile landing pages that include things like business hours, menus, directions, or any other relevant information a customer would want immediately
  • Including easily available newsletter/text message sign up links
  • Creating click-to-call links with your phone numbers
  • QR Codes, add them to any of your print materials so people who scan the QR Code can be driven to your social media pages where they can follow you from their mobile device

And the list goes on, but these are some of the main ways businesses are using mobile marketing to connect with their target markets.

A great way to use mobile marketing effectively…


Doing PR Right Can Make Or Break Your Business

With thousands upon thousands of new business ventures popping up every day, how can you differentiate your startup or small business and stand out from the rest of the pact?

The answer is simple: you can stand out from the crowd by being strategic about your PR activities.

PR done right gives your business the ability to peak interest, get customers, and grow revenues.

Most new products and services aren’t going to generate buzz and make shockwaves unless it does something really amazing. And let’s be honest, there are a lot of businesses out there with less than stellar ideas and products. But this is where strategic public relations can help by positioning your product or service so that people will take notice – PR has the ability to transform the mundane into something meaningful.

Most small businesses and startups do believe that PR is one of the main ingredients in their recipe for success, however, the way PR drives bottom lines is still an obscure concept for…


“Do it Yourself” Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

If you’re an entrepreneur or small businesses owner, you know how important marketing is when it comes to getting the word out about your business. You already know how great your product or service is, but letting everyone else know is crucial to your success.

The best way to ‘get the word out’ is through a combination of marketing, PR and social media tactics, but for the purposes of this post, we’re only going to focus on some great “do it yourself” marketing tips for small businesses:

  • Freshen up your branding: If you haven’t updated your logo and business cards in a while, maybe now’s a great time to re-brand yourself by tweaking your branding materials. Always make sure your logo is eye catching and communicates what you want to say about your brand. When it comes to your business cards, think outside the box and get creative, for example, have you thought of incorporating an interactive QR Code that directs potential clients to a…

Simplify Your Content Marketing With An Editorial Calendar

In order for your small business to be successful with content marketing, you need to be strategic in producing content that strikes a chord with your audiences and connects with their needs. In other words, your content needs to ‘hook’ your audience and make them keep coming back for more!

The whole point of content marketing is to educate, without trying to sell, so that your customers are able to make informed decisions, and because you provided them with that knowledge, they are more likely to feel a connection to your brand.

So how do you decide on the right content topics? Most people simply pick topics when they sit down to write, but a better way of simplifying and organizing your content for maximum effect is through an editorial calendar that strategically lays out your content marketing activities for a set period of time.

Before you create your editorial calendar, here are a few questions you should ask yourself:

  • Who are your target audiences?
  • What topics are they…
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