Small Business News Release Writing Tips

Writing a News or Press Release for your small business seems like a simple venture for the majority of small business owners, but unfortunately that is not always the case.

Although stringing several sentences together may seem like a task that a student could accomplish, there are a variety of different factors to be considered when writing a News Release for your company.

One of the most important components to creating a News Release is to relay relevant information within a limited amount of space. Although there are individuals who enjoy spending hours reading articles on the internet, you will want to deliver the maximum amount of information in the shortest way possible.

Rather than attempting to write blindly, utilizing these tips will help you to create a grade A News Release rather than an uninformative bunch of text that would otherwise prove to be inefficient.

Firstly, you will want to develop your objective – the reason for writing this News Release, why…


6 Reasons You Might Not Be Getting Maximum Results From Your PR Efforts

So you’ve finally realized the importance of incorporating PR initiatives into your marketing and advertising strategies. You wrote some news releases, created Facebook and Twitter accounts for your business, did some blogging, and now you’re wondering what it all means and when you’ll see results.

To get maximum results from your PR activities you need to be strategic about what you’re doing otherwise you’ll be waiting on those results for a very long time!

Here are some things you might be doing that are hindering rather than helping your PR efforts:

You don’t have a clear plan: you need to have a clear road map that defines your business goals and aligns them with the best PR strategies and tactics to deliver your company’s message and achieve your goals, on time and on budget!

Your message isn’t clearly defined: developing your key messages is one of the cornerstones of PR and branding, if your message isn’t clearly defined then how are customers/clients and the media supposed to distinguish you from your…


How To Pick The Right PR Agency For Your Small Business

There was a time when you could send people out with megaphones to let the world know about your business. Fast forward to today, more and more small business owners are realizing the value of using PR methods to get their small businesses noticed.

But how do you know that the PR agency you’ve hired is truly giving you the best big bang for your buck? After all, as a small business owner, you want your dollar to travel to every corner of the universe!

Here are some things to consider that will help steer your business through the process of selecting the right PR firm to fit your unique needs:

  • Cost and ROI: Like all good business decisions, this one too is governed by the returns you would get from spending on PR tactics to reach targeted consumers. If you are working with a traditional agency that works on retainer and billable hours, it is best if a campaign (or any…


Twitter. Facebook. Google+. Pinterest…Why Do They Matter To Your Small Business?

So you went to Mike’s shop at the corner to buy paint. After catching up with him on how his little boy is growing up, you decide to carry on with your Saturday chores. But just as you are leaving, Mike says, “Could you do me a favor? Could you post pics to my Facebook page to let me know how you liked the color combinations I suggested for your bathroom?”

“Umm…Mike, you want me to put up pictures of my bathroom on your Facebook page?”

“Yes. It would help my business.”

“Mike…who would want to read about my bathroom?”

“I’m sure at least one of my 545 fans would be interested.”

You know your baker does it, the artist across the street does it, as does the small boutique gift shop guy you buy those handmade Belgian chocolates from. The question is, are you doing it? Do you use social media, the petrol fueling today’s small businesses?

Whether you like it or ‘Like’ it, social media is the new…


PR or Advertising?

Log on quickly to your online banking and take a look at your accounts. How much money have you got stashed away? Nothing quite like looking at your finances to make you think twice about your spending and investments!

So why are you wasting your money on expensive advertisements in glossy magazines (that less and less people are buying), or those annoying flyers that are jammed into our mailboxes (and end up in the recycle bin), and on advertisements in the yellow pages (who uses the yellow pages these days?).

Don’t you want to spend your money in the best way possible? Money spent on public relations is far more effective in reaching your target markets than money spent on advertising.

In today’s competitive market, you need to build brand loyalty by engaging the public. This is kind of hard to do with a flyer that gets dropped in the recycle bin or with an expensive advertisement in a magazine or newspaper. Dollars spent on this don’t…

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