Blogging as a PR Tool

As a startup or small business, you’ve probably wondered at some point if adding a blog to your website was absolutely necessary. The simple answer to this question is YES!

Not only do websites with blogs get more traffic than those without, blogging is also a great PR tool to help you to raise awareness of your brand, and it allows you to show off your expertise and build your credibility positioning you as an expert in your market.

So how can you use blogging as an effective PR tool? Here are some tips to help you blog for PR:

  • Set your goals: Before you start to blog, start with a clear set of goals of what you are trying to achieve with your blog. Are you trying to promote your business? Are you trying to demonstrate your expertise in your field? Are you trying to showcase your brand’s personality? Setting goals for your blog will help to guide the overall direction and tone of your blog.
  • Identify what your audiences want to read about: You first need to figure out who you are targeting your blog posts to, in other words, who are your target audiences? Really spend some time identifying exactly who you are trying to reach. Doing this will help you to tailor your content which will in turn help you to build an audience very quickly, and set you apart from other blogs in your niche!
  • Brainstorm blog topics: After identifying your audience, your next step is coming up with ideas on topics that will interest them. The most important part of any blog is what you have to say and how you say it. People will return to your blog if they like what you write about, and you provide them with useful and practical knowledge on a particular subject. And by providing useful and relevant information you will demonstrate your expertise and raise your credibility, thus creating a win-win situation for you and your readers!
  • Be consistent: Your blog is an extension of your brand so your blog’s tone and content should always consistently communicate your brand’s overall message. Find your brand’s unique voice and stick with it. And be sure to update your blog frequently, it’s essential that you update your blog on a regular basis to keep readers coming back.
  • Engage your readers: Blogging is a two-way form of communication; you want to be sure to make your readers feel welcome and join in the conversation. Ask your readers to leave comments and always be sure to respond to those comments. Your blog’s success is dependent on how well you engage your audience – PR is all about building and maintaining relationships, use your blog to help you do this!
  • Increase your visibility: You need to make an effort to let people know about your blog. Make sure you use the same SEO tactics that you use on your website to optimize and dive traffic to your blog. A big part of blogging is the social aspect, so be sure to use your social networks to promote your blog posts, this will drive traffic to your posts and encourage sharing of your posts!
  • Keep Learning: The blogosphere is constantly changing – take time to research new blog tools and features and incorporate them into your blog. You should always look for tools that enhance your reader’s experience on your blog; by catering to their needs they will reward you with loyalty and shares.

Follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way to using your blog as a great PR tool to help you raise awareness of your brand and build your credibility – two of the main functions of PR!


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