How To Pick The Right PR Agency For Your Small Business

There was a time when you could send people out with megaphones to let the world know about your business. Fast forward to today, more and more small business owners are realizing the value of using PR methods to get their small businesses noticed.

But how do you know that the PR agency you’ve hired is truly giving you the best big bang for your buck? After all, as a small business owner, you want your dollar to travel to every corner of the universe!

Here are some things to consider that will help steer your business through the process of selecting the right PR firm to fit your unique needs:

  • Cost and ROI: Like all good business decisions, this one too is governed by the returns you would get from spending on PR tactics to reach targeted consumers. If you are working with a traditional agency that works on retainer and billable hours, it is best if a campaign (or any other type of PR service) and its costs are determined before it is launched. Same goes for an agency that uses a pay-as-you-go approach to PR services. We like surprises, but only the good kind!
  • How good at showing off are they? You can’t be too bashful about listing your achievements in the business world. Since the PR agency will be selling your business to the market, they need to make you stand out…in a good way! Also, can they identify and define what is making a certain campaign tick? All PR efforts need to be analyzed through measurable outcomes.
  • Whose ear do they have? Does this PR firm maintain contacts with media organizations that would be most relevant to your business? Can they provide a list of publications they got coverage for their clients in? In short, how good is the PR agency at getting exposure for clients?
  • Staff support: How many people is the agency willing to commit to your business growth? What are their qualifications, abilities and past achievements? How do they specifically add value to the outcome you are seeking? Can they pitch your ideas? Will they research your industry, understand your market and competitors and come up with solutions tailor-made to your business?
  • Tech-savvy: Today, technology rules the world, so be sure to ask how your PR agency is going to use technology to turn people into customers or clients for your business. What is their approach to social media? How do they track media coverage? How do they measure results?

Regardless of your small business industry or sector, take the time to choose the right kind of PR agency so that you’re free to run the show while your PR agency does the rest!

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    It’s always a relief when semonoe with obvious expertise answers. Thanks!

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