Small Business News Release Writing Tips

Writing a News or Press Release for your small business seems like a simple venture for the majority of small business owners, but unfortunately that is not always the case.

Although stringing several sentences together may seem like a task that a student could accomplish, there are a variety of different factors to be considered when writing a News Release for your company.

One of the most important components to creating a News Release is to relay relevant information within a limited amount of space. Although there are individuals who enjoy spending hours reading articles on the internet, you will want to deliver the maximum amount of information in the shortest way possible.

Rather than attempting to write blindly, utilizing these tips will help you to create a grade A News Release rather than an uninformative bunch of text that would otherwise prove to be inefficient.

Firstly, you will want to develop your objective – the reason for writing this News Release, why do you want to tell this story? Try to be as clear and concise as possible with your objective.

Next, you will want to identify your audience and develop your main message. If your objective for the News Release is clearly defined, then developing your main message should be a piece of cake! Always remember, your message is the one thing you want to be sure reporters and your audience understand and remember.

Now comes the fun part, actually writing the News Release! You are going to want to communicate your message and story as clearly as you can, always avoid jargon and industry specific terms that might confuse people.

The main elements of a News Release are:

  • A Catchy Headline: you only get one chance to grab your reader’s attention, make it interesting and attention-grabbing!
  • Lead Paragraph: this paragraph is also your hook – much like an essay where you outline your thesis you want to make sure the essence of your story is contained in your lead paragraph, as clearly and concisely as possible
  • Body Paragraphs: these paragraphs will contain the details of your story. You can provide background information, and any other relevant information that helps you to frame your story to reflect your objective
  • Quotes: incorporating quotes from relevant sources has proven to be quite beneficial when writing a News Release because it shows the legitimacy of the information that you are providing. Don’t forget to include a quote from yourself or your spokesperson, after all this is your News Release and your audience will want to know what you think or how you feel about the topic at hand
  • Boiler Plate: this paragraph goes at the end of your News Release and it describes who you are and what you do, try to provide as much information as you can about you and your company without making it sound like a sales pitch

As you can see, much like a traditional essay in school there are many different components implemented into a News Release. I know what you’re thinking and no, it’s not as easy as a high school essay. But if you follow the steps we outlined here and take a strategic approach to writing your News Release, you will be sure to dazzle your audience and leave them wanting more!

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